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Beginnings are agreements and endings are ethics.

Each individual embarks on a unique journey, characterized by personal discoveries or professional growth. Personally, I find myself traversing a path that encompasses both aspects, striving for well-being in both realms. Through my experiences over the past years, I have come to realize that at the outset of any journey,  we agree on the path, on the means and on the goal. 

Once we have established those we begin working hard, making effort and give a lot of dedication. As we move forward, obstacles inevitably arise - and here is where people distinguish themselves from others. 

a women mediating insightful looking to sky

This is where we come to a crossroad where a choice is due: either to accelerate towards success through focus, determination, and persistence, thereby harnessing the advantages bestowed upon us by virtues such as kindness, honesty, humility, and respect; or to remain stagnant, trapped in laziness and pessimism, allowing envy, indolence, and fear to disrupt our progress.

Both roads stem from one agreement we made at the beginning but the course we select ultimately shapes the outcome. 

I believe that anything that has a beginning must have an end. Endings need not be perceived negatively; rather, they frequently signal an opportunity for fresh beginnings. 

Whichever journey you’re taking, make sure you end it with ethics, respect and acceptance. In my journey of personal and professional wellbeing, I made sure to end my previous job with ethics and some of my personal issues with respect before adieu. 

As I begin my new job and new personal resolutions, I made an agreement and an intention to fulfill it till the very end. 

Simply because beginnings are founded upon agreements, while ends are governed by ethical considerations. 

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